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How to Sell Your Motorcycle in the Classifieds

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Do Your Research

You want to get as much as you can for your motorcycle but don’t want to price yourself out of the market. It is worth searching on auto websites or in the classifieds to compare what similar models are being sold for.
Take Great Pictures

When looking through the classifieds people will look at the price, age, make and model of your motorcycle, but what will really catch the eye of the consumer is a great picture. It goes without saying that any pictures should show your motorcycle to be clean, polished and against a suitable background. If your advert allows you to take a number of pictures get close ups of particular features that will help your sale. Add a detailed description to the advert providing all the necessary information including mileage, extra features and consideration.
As well as making sure that your bike looks good it is just as important that it starts first time as well. Make sure that the battery is full and the connection has not eroded; if your machine fails to start first time don’t expect to make a sale.

Have previous receipts ready

If you have had any extra features added, or your machine has had regular services keep any documentation and have them ready when meeting the potential buyer. Proof of a good service history and any added features will help to prove the worth of your vehicle and encourage a quick sale.

Meeting Potential Buyers

It is always better to be safe than sorry when meeting potential buyers. If possible don’t meet someone on your own and never disclose the location of where the vehicle is stored. There have been incidents of a meeting between a buyer and a seller where the motorcycle was not sold but was then stolen at a later date. Try to meet in a neutral location if you can.

Test Rides

If you are allowing a potential buyer to test ride your motorcycle make sure that they show you their license and that they are qualified to ride your model. Also be sure that they are wearing the correct protective equipment and approved helmet.

Making the Sale

Having done your research you should have a good idea as to the true market value of your vehicle. Set your price at the high end of market, you can always negotiate down from their. Have a fixed minimum price in your head and do not go below this during the any negotiations. Just because one particular buyer is not prepared to pay the asking price does not mean that another enthusiast won’t. When accepting payment make sure that the funds are cleared and in your account before relinquishing possession of the bike. Remember to check any side bags or under seat compartments to ensure that you have removed all of your personal belongings.