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Car Tune-up Tips

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Before the emergence of electronic systems in cars, a tune-up would normally include repairs of the ignition, engine controls, and fuel injection, which are nowadays undertaken by electronic adjustments.

A modern car tune-up should include processes of preventive maintenance, analysis of performance and minor adjustments, which might be causing driving problems. If conducted properly, a car tune-up usually helps in making the drive smoother, increasing mileage, and preventing any minor problems and symptoms such as poor fuel economy, low power, stalling engine, and ignition problems of the vehicle from getting serious.

Complete Car Tune-Up Checklist

The tune-up of a car can be broadly classified into minor, moderate, and major types, which can include one or more of the following procedures.
Checking the operation of safety accessories such as lights, wipers, tires, indicators, horn, etc.
Replacing the spark plugs and rotors.
Checking all belts and hoses for wear and tear.
Checking, adjusting, or replacing the distribution cap and ignition timing mechanism of the engine.
Checking the levels of engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and transmission and power steering fluid.
Checking the wires and performance of the ignition unit, and replacing it if needed.

Mechanical Fuel Pump

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Heard that you are a regular and a very faithful user of your car?! Time and again the need for you to use your four wheeler occurs, right? Perhaps, you must be maintaining it very well! Many, just like you, are very particular to adapt to preventive measures for maintaining their vehicle. Well, that’s good news as they would never be betrayed by their vehicle in the middle of nowhere! But not all people are so priggish to give their vehicle for maintenance every few months. Such ignorance and carelessness basically leads to several car problems, one of which is a mechanical fuel pump problem.

Although this is the most unexpected and uncommon problem from all the expected ones, it seems that you cannot turn a blind eye since your vehicle has faced one. So the fact is to troubleshoot the problem and repair it at the earliest. How? Look further below, but before that let’s have a brief discussion on the entire working of the mechanical pump in a vehicle.